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The sanitarian function of pumpkin extracts: pumpkin extracts have obesity prevention and treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, cure asthma for, spuc, maternal stimulate the secretion of milk, and so on.

The sanitarian function of pumpkin extracts: pumpkin extracts have obesity prevention and treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, cure asthma for, spuc, maternal stimulate the secretion of milk, and so on. Pumpkin is one of stesweet stevia our traditional fall blood sugar food, Japan in the 1970 s the pumpkin powder to treat diabetes of the application report. Over the years, many researchers have been trying to squash the prevention and control of diabetes research, put forward the pumpkin pectin, cyclopropyl amino acids and trace elements of zinc, chromium (Cr) may play a leading role to prevention and treatment of diabetes.
The chromium content of pumpkin among the top of the of all kinds of vegetables. Cr is one of the essential trace elements, trivalent chromium is the activity of glucose tolerance factor (GrP) center, can stimulate the uptake of glucose, help maintain glucose tolerance. Human body is short of chromium is one of the reasons that lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chromium can inhibit malignant tumors within the body, not only can promote the release of insulin in the body, make the person with diabetes insulin secretion is normal, fall blood sugar is very effective for that. Cyclopropyl amino acid can promote the secretion of insulin, enhance the sensitivity of insulin receptor, glucose enzyme can be activated at the same time, to speed up the conversion of glucose, reduce blood sugar levels.
In addition, pumpkin is rich in pectin, can make the postprandial blood glucose and blood insulin levels drop; Pectin has full effect at the same time, can improve the patient's hunger, which can control and auxiliary treatment naringenin price of diabetes and its complications, is the person with diabetes diet. In addition, such as pumpkin polysaccharide was isolated from pumpkin, and through the animal experiments in mice preliminary determine the pumpkin polysaccharide hypoglycemic mechanism. Clinical trials demonstrate that patients with diabetes eating pumpkin powder 100 g, daily check after 10 d, patients have different degrees of improvement, some even heal, the pumpkin powder has been "Nemesis" expert as diabetes.
Cholesterol-lowering functional separation and extraction of pumpkin polysaccharide from pumpkin, and through the animal experiments proved that pumpkin polysaccharide on diabetes mice, can obviously reduce the serum levels of TG, Tch and LDL. Serum TG, Tch, and LDL is promoting factor for atherosclerosis, Especially higher LDL is a risk factor for myocardial infarction. The chemical composition of pumpkin polysaccharide contains a lot of uronic acid, there are more negatively charged acidic genes, speculated that pumpkin polysaccharide may have similar to the role of phospholipids, can remove cholesterol, prevent artery Hardening.
In addition, the negatively charged under physiological pH of pumpkin polysaccharide, can be combined with LPL, released into the blood, and from the artery walls of chyle grain to promote, the degradation of VLDL, prevention and turmeric extract powder treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Prevention and treatment of cancer efficacy pumpkins contain some alkaloids, trigonelline, pumpkin seeds alkali physiological active substances, can eliminate and catalytic decomposition of carcinogenic nitrosamines and effective prevention and treatment of cancer.
Detoxification, liver and kidney function in the pumpkin is rich in pectin, pectin has excellent adsorption properties, bonding and effectively eliminate the toxicity of bacteria in the body and the influence of heavy metals and radioactive elements, has the efficacy of resistance to environmental toxins, for peptic ulcer patients Has remarkable curative effect. Pumpkin contains potassium, water and a small amount of sodium salt, can strengthen the secretion ability, in the prostate and liver inflammation, to accelerate the dissolve kidney stone and has the good function of bladder calculi. Besides pumpkin powder for treating hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney, etc.
Disease also have certain effect, because this kind of green and yellow pumpkin seed extract vegetables, pumpkin contains can destroy harmful substances such as pesticides and nitrite in food ingredients, can help patients with liver and kidney function abate, strengthen the liver and kidney cells regeneration ability. According to recent days The domestic cancer center study, every day to eat pumpkin, green and yellow vegetables such as broccoli, can reduce the incidence of lung cancer, reduce the mortality of lung cancer.


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