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Plastic pallet as one of transport storage industry logistics unit, has been play an important role, for each big enterprise in the field of transport, stacking sped up.

Plastic pallet as one of transport storage industry logistics unit, has been play an important role, for each big enterprise in the field of transport, stacking sped up. Choose a suitable plastic tray can largely enhance plastic pallet bin production efficiency of transportation, in addition to the corresponding requirements of size, also notice when choosing plastic tray what place?Tray of seepage prevention knowledge briefly what is tray of seepage prevention of leakage tray, also called the spill tray, spill-resistant tray, prevent leakage tray, oil pans and so on, is to prevent and control the modern factory, warehouse, logistics, transport a large number of used oil and chemical barrels and other oil products and chemical container leak designed container of polyethylene material is developed. Mainly used for packing and storage of chemicals, can prevent to produce environmental pollution, to protect the personal safety.
Tray of seepage prevention of the role of many chemical plant, waste treatment plants, laboratories are storing oil, chemical barrels or some chemical containers, these things, may be due to leakage appeared in the process of storage, use, transportation, splash, and so on and so forth. Not only damage to the environment, is also a cause of fall in the wrestling and other safety accidents; Severe hazardous chemicals leakage and even endanger people's life and health. The leakage tray bucket design can be a very good prevent chemicals, oil spill and leak. Leakage tray with inlet guide design, able to timely and convenient recycling leaked liquid. Leakage tray can cooperate with mechanical plastic pallet manufacturer and manual forklift forklift, when use mobile convenience.
Pallet storage of seepage prevention of leakage is large, convenient recycling leaked liquid, especially suitable for corrosive chemicals raw materials warehouse, material for linear low density polyethylene, with good acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant properties, different styles of leakage tray, can help people more reasonable to plan the transportation of chemicals storage. Today, plastic card board box is widely used in machinery manufacturing, auto parts, printing and dyeing, food, logistics. Fresh storage, and many other areas, is a favored by people in all areas of goods use logistics units. Today with everyone know about the basic classification and advantages of plastic card board box.
Plastic pallet materials selection of the main raw material for plastic tray with polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE) two kinds, the use of two materials have their good at environment, PP material of the plastic tray, good hardness, stronger bearing capacity, but low temperature effect is bad; HDPE material plastic tray, good toughness and resistance to low temperature effect is good, but the hardness of tray relatively close. Many professional plastic pallet manufacturers will be adjusted according to use environment of different ratio of the two.
Plastic tray color choice different color plastic tray is not only conducive to production, piled up at the time of the distinction, uniformity of color more convenient late recovery at the same time. Plastic pallet is made of plastic raw material and pigment as the main material to produce, pigment mainly controls the color of the tray, can make all sorts of color according to the customer's requirements.
Plastic pallet weight actually plastic tray is not the choice of weight is higher, its plastic pallet supplier quality will be better, better than other products, plastic tray judge of a plastic tray can't judgment from a weight, the new material to the tray is lighter than expected to back 0.5 1 kg, the weight of the plastic tray to tray bearing has a huge role, but the plastic tray materials is also a factors that influence the pallet load and structure of a good tray to each force uniform stress, have the effect of four two dial one thousand jins, so choose plastic tray to comprehensive consideration.


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