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A lot of people will have a question, what's special about dish basin, is not used by and cold and hot mix faucet? Are of the same style, can special where is it? Reveal the answer before the staff to ask you a question Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin first: if you had this trouble?

A lot of people will have a question, what's special about dish basin, is not used by and cold and hot mix faucet? Are of the same style, can special where is it? Reveal the answer before the staff to ask you a question Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin first: if you had this trouble? Is the kitchen mesa often stained by chopping vegetables or other things, so everyone is to use cloth to clean. This is to clean the table and to clean dishcloth, two links. Wei special dish basin faucet can now for the general consumers save a link, flush mesa directly.
Hot and cold water tap spring type outlet pipe can rotate 360 °, nozzle can be convenient and clean the table, 60 cm length, there are 2 kinds of decorative pattern, water outlet foam tape device. Such a design, fast and convenient to clean the table, do not need any auxiliary tool. From the beginning to now is the production and management all brass faucets, have already 15 years. Is specializing Time Delay Tap in the export of from the beginning to now in the domestic market, customers all over the world many place, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Madagascar, Russia and so on. Soon to enter the domestic market of a few years ago, is, some sanitary ware enterprises was high amounts of lead tap this is undoubtedly the sanitary ware industry caused great impact. Many businesses have closed down, their conscience, and the tap is not up to standard. Withstand the test of wei yu, however, because the tap is using national standard 59 copper casting, completely not afraid of any inspection.
Faucet is everyone, every day will come into contact with the faucet water direct close contact with each person's skin, and flow of water, direct contact with the tap so that the quality of the faucet is quite important, for family security, hurry Self-closing Faucet up to buy bathroom faucets, protect the health of you and your family. For the convenience of use, kitchen should choose higher, water mouth is very long, it is best to stretch into the upper port and also can't splash water. If there is hot water pipes in the kitchen, the leader should also be double. To meet all sorts of use to the choose and buy what problem we need to pay attention to the kitchen faucet?
The kitchen faucet is used by the water or cold or hot? Used by: select used by leader. Hot and cold: choose bibcock of cold hot amphibious. Have a good hole in advance kitchen table? : according to the selection of holes using single span or double tap holes. Use single or double holes tap? Single-hole: single-hole bibcock is a new way of the water, hot and cold water through the hose from a Time Delay Faucet hole under the tap directly to the valve core. Advantage is not like the double hole leading to walk side shell temperature of the hot water is very high. Defect is theoretically water (smaller difference is almost difficult to discern, flow size mainly depends on the water pressure and valve core quality). On the opposite side of the double hole: from leading into the hot and cold water respectively. Due to go one side of the hot water hot water direct contact with the main body, can cause skin temperature is very high. Choose bibcock with bubbler: bubbler to let the water more even, not let the water splash all over the place. Bathroom faucet outlet with bubbler, let the water flow more soft smooth. If sink shallow: choose or inverted u-shaped bibcock with big radian is bent, or free to adjust the Angle of bend, so as not to wash pot big-ticket items such as inconvenience. Need to clean the rest of the hearth, the choice smokes lets you pull bibcock kitchen cleaning more convenient.
If the kitchen lampblack is bigger, try to choose simple structure, without dead Angle bibcock modelling, and choose the kitchen faucet with excellent electroplating, another clean clean bibcock, want to use the right way. Or you can choose Self-closing Shower Valve high quality copper tap. Often clean the sink, when not to dry at room temperature; Retention of moisture will cause the mineral deposits. In this case, you can use the low concentration of vinegar solution to eliminate this kind of deposits, the last water completely clean; Don't make water droplets residue on the surface.


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