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Modern people more and more attention to shower. A good shower can let you in the bath feel cool and refreshing at the same time, also let the heart to relax an important tool. But the flower is aspersed on market price difference is very big

Modern people more and more attention to shower. A good shower can let you in the bath feel cool and refreshing at the same time, also let the heart to relax an important tool. But the flower is aspersed on market price difference is very big, how to choose a good shower? Wei yu dismantling a full range of flower is aspersed, teach you choose and buy good quality flower is aspersed.
A full set of flower is aspersed including faucet, shower column, hose, hand-held Flush Retrofit Kit shower and top spray shower, brass as its main material, external heat resistant stainless steel coating. Now the plumbing hardware market, a wide range of flower is aspersed, have simple handheld shower, shower column, top spray shower. Handheld shower is relatively rare, usually for simple rental houses; Handheld shower shower column coordinate is see more of the market at present style, is also a popular consumer type.
Faucet decision quality: when the choose and buy, in addition to price, most consumers only value the modelling of shower head, which can take whichever good-looking. In fact, are most in need of selective shower head under ordinary faucets. "It directly determines the quality and the service life of the shower shower." Most of the flower is aspersed head can be change, if you don't like the faucet with the shower head, generally can be in alone, not change, and tap the faucet manufacturers therefore suggested that when the choice is given priority to with the tap.
Spend sillcock from the use function into the bathtub and shower, if you have any outlet, bibcock is bath crock with shower, consumers can choose according to the situation. Some faucet has two handles, such as the left hand is hot, right Flushometer valve hand is cold water. This logo is clear, easy to use, more suitable for old people or children. And single handle modelling is relatively good, the left and right sides to adjust hot and cold water, easy to operate but need to be used carefully, avoid to burn yourself. In addition, you'll have to see the quality of the faucet. When choosing tap first to touch the handle switch a few times more, see if feel is delicate and elastic degree, too loose too tight is bad. Surface finish is one of the watch, the better the surface treatment, more smooth and more bright, explain the process, the better, also can indirectly reflect the quality. In addition to look at these, also depends on tap for trachoma or crack of the joint. Trachoma is copper material surface and internal holes and cracks in the casting process, if there is trachoma, water will ooze water, after serious fault happens. In fact, is the most important part of the tap valve core but not visible to the naked eye, and according to qualified valve core can switch 500000 times, defective goods can not reach the strength, easy to leak.
Actually, faucet leakage problem has nothing to do with the tap itself, sometimes may be because the water hose and leading ontology is installed properly. In addition, it may be due to fill the tap water supply hose aging, water pressure caused Flush valve price by problems such as instability or corrode. Water hose once appear, the problem such as craze, burst, the consequences will be severe. Faucet manufacturers therefore advise every 1 to 2 years or so to check or replace a water hose. Faucet reason is the following:
The new faucet is turned off will drop turned off there will be a new tap dripping phenomenon, meet this kind of circumstance, most owners will think that this is the tap valve core has a problem. Actually, can appear the new faucet is turned off for a few seconds more than drop because the tap is turned off within the cavity of water caused by, this is normal phenomenon. But if water is dripping for long time, is the problem faucet. Poor water quality a lot of people don't understand, what is the relationship between water quality is poor and leaky Concealed Flush Valve faucet? In fact, poor water quality will cause the valve core inner product is rubbish, easy to cause the valve core is closed tightly. Tap valve core scratch valve core in the process of use, due to any hard material wear and scratches, for example, after the bursting of water supply pipe to water, the water may contain rust or sand which can lead to valve core in the process of opening and closing surface scratches, does not leak sealing. So, you must be aware of when installing the faucet clean clean water tube of impurities. Pipeline connection inlet hose and faucet body because of the improper installation joint leakage.


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